Industrial Rubber Timing Belt, Power Transmission 170xl

Firm Introduction
Started in 1984, CZPT handles forty five,000 square meters with in excess of 350 employees. As a national higher-tech organization now, we passed CZPT, TS16949. With nationwide lab and municipal innovation heart, we set over 10 national and trading standards. What’s a lot more, once-a-year output is much more than ten million items of belts and 600 thousand items of pulleys. Matched belts and pulleys make positive the life-span of items longer.

Raw Components
Belt:     High-top quality neoprene (CR)as the major raw components( imported from Japan)
Skeleton resources:    Glass Fiber(imported from Janpan)
Tooth floor:   Nylon 66 substantial

Solution Description 

Trapezoidal Tooth Profile

T sort    CZPT Timing Belt

Kind Pitch
Pb (mm)
Tooth height
ht (mm)
Belt thickness
hs (mm)
Angle β ° Information
MXL 2.032 .51 one.14 forty Details
XL five.080 one.27 2.30 fifty Details
L 9.525 1.91 three.sixty 40 Specifics
H 12.70 2.29 4.thirty forty Details
XH 22.225 six.35 eleven.20 forty Details
XXH 31.750 9.fifty three 15.70 40 Information
T2.5 2.5 .7 1.30 40 Details
T5 five 1.twenty 2.20 40 Specifics
T10 10 2.50 4.50 forty Specifics
T20 twenty five.00 eight.00 40 Specifics
AT5 5 one.twenty two.70 50 Details
AT10 10 two.fifty five.00 50 Specifics
AT20 20 five.00 9.00 fifty Specifics

Curvilinear Tooth Profile

Type Kind Pitch Pb(mm) Tooth height ht(mm) Belt thickness hs(mm) Details


2M two .75 1.36 Information
3M three 1.17 two.4 Information
5M five two.06 three.8 Information
8M 8 three.36 six.00 Details
14M fourteen six.02 10.00 Details
20M 20 eight.four thirteen.20 Specifics


S2M two .76 one.36 Particulars
S3M three 1.fourteen 2.20 Specifics
S4.5M four.5 one.seventy one two.81 Specifics
S5M 5 1.ninety one 3.4 Particulars
S8M 8 three.05 five.3 Specifics
S14M fourteen five.3 ten.two Information


2M two .76 1.36 Information
3M three 1.15 one.nine Details
5M 5 one.ninety five three.five Information
8M 8 3.2 5.5 Specifics
14M fourteen 6.00 10 Particulars

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Industrial Rubber Timing Belt, Power Transmission 170xl