Manual Geared Trolley   Plain Trolley   Girder Trolley

The PT-CA/GT-CA type trolley can be utilized for precise positioning and straightforward transferring of weighty hundreds by a handbook hoist or an electric hoist.

one. Adjustable for a beam range width from sixty four mm up to 305 mm and numerous profiles.
2. The rollers are created for a highest beam flange slope of fourteen%.
three. The pre-and fine tuning is completed by washers with locknuts on the threaded beam which prevent lateral moving through centring.
four. As anchor level for a chain hoist or other hoists.
five. For mounting on a beam.
six. Region of application: workshop, production, warehouse, assembly, and so forth.
7. Simple beam width adjustment by spacers/washers.
eight. In this correcting style the two halves of the trolley are properly assembled together and braced by locknuts.

Product GTCA571 GTCA571 GTCA030 GTCA050 GTCA100  
Capacity (t) 1t x 3m 2t x 3m 3t x 3m 5t x 3m 10t x 3m  
Proof Load (kN) 29.4 forty four.1 73.five 147  
Energy Necessary to Raise Rated Load (N) 44 eighty sixty five 90 195  
Min. Radius of Curve (m) 1 one.1 1.3 one.four  
Dimensions (mm) A normal 390 400 430 444 489  
additional prolonged 492 502 532 544 584  
B 260 three hundred 345 390 470  
C 239 286 336 393 500  
E 32.five 31 35 37 45
F ≈ three  
H 136 161 185 220 280  
Adjustable Beam Width (mm) M normal 64-203 88-203 102-203 114-203 a hundred twenty five-203  
additional extended 102-305 102-305 102-305 108-305 117-305  

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Considering that 2002
H-Raise, an ISO 9001 qualified agency by Lloyd’s Sign-up and a member of LEEA(Lifting Gear Engineers Affiliation), specializes in the field of lifting & hoisting products, webbing and round sling, Ratchet Tie Down and lashing gear, chain & chain sling, wire rope and wire rope sling, materials managing, rigging components & other items.


Manual Geared Trolley   Plain Trolley   Girder Trolley