PE or PVC Material Plastic Yellow Guy Guard

&ast Manufactured from PE substance&comma  also use PVC 
&ast Length and Pipe Dia&period can do as necessary
&ast PE or PVC
&ast Accent with a single  or two Aluminum Wire Clamp

Available in 4 diameters to cover wide assortment of anchor rods and connected fittings&time period
Wraps close to the guy strand&comma fittings and anchor rod with thirty-fifty&percnt overlap&period of time
CZPT duration is 8′ other lengths are CZPT on special buy&time period

Raw material Length Thickness Color Software
PE or PVC 2m or CZPT 2mm Refreshing yellow with stay wire&commafor caution

Male Markers &lparGuy Guards&rpar CZPT&solSteel

Male Markers &lparGuy Guards&comma Man protectors&rpar are made of large influence UV stabilized plastic and offers resilient&comma substantial influence&comma economical safety for exposed utility pole man wires&comma useless conclude fittings&comma and anchor rods&period In addition&comma our Man Markers are utilized on towers that make use of dude wires&comma this sort of as&comma cell telephone towers or other conversation towers&time period

Our Male Markers are utilised to improve the visibility of rooftop man wires&comma helping to improve the protection of these with constructing rooftop obtain&period of time Also&comma our male markers are very easily installed on driveway chains&comma creating them considerably simpler for automobiles and cyclists to discover&period We think our Male Markers &lparGuy Guards&rpar are by far the most secure and most vandal proof guy marker on the market place&period In reality&comma we have offered thousands and thousands of them by means of the several years&comma generating them one particular of our most well-known merchandise&interval

Our Guy Markers are CZPT in yellow&comma gray&comma orange&comma striped or Reflective&period Our Man Markers are CZPT with numerous attachment choices&comma which consist of a large stainless clamp&comma a plastic tie wrap&comma a poly strap with buttons&comma a plug choice&comma or you can purchase with no attachment&interval

PE or PVC Material Plastic Yellow Guy Guard