Scrap Metal Crusher, Waste Metal Recycling Shredder Machine

Scrap Metal crusher , Waste steel recycling machine

 Our metal crusher recycling plant employed in the scrap processing sector is a sort of gear used to crush and split waste metals and other content , Like: Scrap metallic pipes, pipe fittings, scrap metal, iron sheet and other metal sheets, aluminum alloy, motor casing, squander forged aluminum areas, a variety of paint buckets, cans and other steel cans and steel barrels, utilized auto casings, employed bicycles, bikes, electric cars Shelf, waste refrigerator, washing machine, Television set, air conditioner and other metal shells for waste appliances.

The Advantages of Metallic Scrap Crusher :
1) Large knife, large crushing energy, resources are alloy steel casting, powerful long existence.
two) Frame plate thickness can be higher torque, extremely sturdy
3) With microcomputer (Personal computer) automatic management, established the start off, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control function.
4) Equipment with low velocity, large torque, lower sounds, dust can fulfill the attributes of environmental specifications.
five)Simple to adjust, low servicing charges, inexpensive and durable.
 The modest crusher line is composed of:

1. feed chain plate conveyor —-double roller equipment—scrap crusher major physique—vibrating discharging conveyor—belt conveyor—magnetic separater—separating conveyor —pulse dust removing equipment— running cabinet, Supporting systems include: electrical control program,assist custom scrap restoration products metal crusher. dust elimination program, sprinkler program, hydraulic method, tv monitoring program
2. broken material by means of the vibration conveyor, belt conveyor, magnetic sorting technique, the iron steel and non-ferrous metal and non-metallic material can be separated, and by the respective conveyor despatched to the heap.Non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials will be searched once again by the magnetic separation equipment in the conveyor to pick up the cost-free iron metal, so as to improve the recovery charge of the iron steel.
3. On the other conveyor belt, non-ferrous metals will be sorted by the eddy electric separator, which can boost the recovery efficiency.The total broken line is managed by PLC, which can comprehend microcomputer handle and manual operation.Automatic sorting and classification of waste metal recovery generation line.scrap steel crushing line and non-ferrous steel recovery equipment

CZPT parameter of scrap steel recycling equipment

Design Electrical power
Rotation price
Manufacturing capacity
Dimension(mm) Excess weight(T)
JSP-600 18.five-22 2100 600-800 2000*seven hundred*2000 1.5
JSP-800 thirty-37 1600 800-1200 2200*900*2200 three.7
JSP-one thousand forty five-fifty five 1250 1200-1500 3800*1400*3000 7.6
JSP-1400 90-150 860 4000-5000 4000*1500*2800 11.five
JSP-1600 one hundred ten-one hundred eighty 750 6000-10000 4800*2000*3200 16.six
JSP-2000 220-320 650 8000-12000 5000*2200*3400 28.six


Scrap Metal Crusher, Waste Metal Recycling Shredder Machine