Stainless Steel Wide Series Offset Sidebar Welded Conveyor Transmission Chain


Vast Collection Welded Steel Chain
Our vast series welded metal chain arrives with narrow-end interior width alternatives from 107.1mm to 326.1mm. For people goods with larger requirement on corrosion resistance and tensile power, we will conduct large frequency induction heating remedies to the pins and url plates, and can also manufacture the welded offset sidebar chains using stainless steel to improve anti-corrosion functionality. On this website page, we display you broad sequence welded steel chain with sidebar thickness alternatives from 9.5mm to 12.7mm, and tensile toughness options from 170KN to 360KN.



Chain no. Pitch P (mm) Dimensions of bushing (max.) mm Diameter of pin d2 (max.) (mm) Peak of sidebar h2 (max.) (mm) Internal width of narrow end b1 (max.) (mm) Outer width of narrow stop b2 (max.) (mm) Thickness of sidebar T (max.) (mm) Tensile strength Q (min.) (KN) Excess weight for every meter q (kg/m)
WDH110 152.four D 18.nine 231.five 263.five nine.five 220 16.nine
WDR110 152.4 D 18.9 231.5 263.5 9.five a hundred and seventy sixteen.9
WDH112 203.2 D eighteen.nine 38.1 231.5 263.five nine.5 220 fourteen.1
WDR112 203.two D eighteen.9 38.1 231.five 263.5 nine.five a hundred and seventy fourteen.1
WDH120 152.4 A 22.07 50.eight 222.five 260.35 360 29
WDR120 152.4 A 22.07 50.eight 222.5 260.35 twelve.7 310 29
WDH480 203.2 A 22.07 50.eight 285.seventy five 323.eighty five 360 27
WDR480 203.two A 22.07 fifty.eight 285.seventy five 323.eighty five twelve.7 310 27
WDH580 203.2 E twenty five.4 fifty.8 285.75 323.85 360 26.six
WDR580 203.two E 25.four 50.8 285.seventy five 323.85 310 26.6
WDH104 152.4 D eighteen.9 38.1 107.1 136.5 nine.5 220 15.1
WDR104 152.four D eighteen.nine 136.5 9.5 170 fifteen.1
WDH113 152.4 C 22.07 38.1 228.6 269.88 203 sixteen.six
WDR113 152.4 C 22.07 38.1 228.six 269.88 twelve.7 165 sixteen.6
WDH116 203.2 B 22.07 forty four.forty five 326.1 358.8 nine.five 245 seventeen.eight
WDR116 203.two B 22.07 forty four.45 326.1 358.eight nine.5 203 seventeen.eight

For a lot more than twenty years, we have targeted on customized chains.

For a lot more than 20 years, We have completed hundreds of various types of industrial chains.

So we have a prosperity of customized chain experience.

Listed here are some of the versions of the chains.


Chain no. Pitch P (mm) Dimensions of bushing (max.) (mm) Diameter of pin d2 (max.) (mm) Height of sidebar h2 (max.) (mm) Internal width of slim stop b1 (max.) (mm) Outer width of narrow finish b2 (max.) (mm) Thickness of sidebar T (max.) (mm) Tensile toughness Q (min.) (KN) Fat per meter q (kg/m)
WDH2210 one hundred fifty five.eighty five D eighteen.9 236.5 263.5 nine.five 220 16.9
WDR2210 155.eighty five D 18.nine 38.1 236.five 263.five nine.5 a hundred and seventy sixteen.nine
WDH2380 207.29 A 22.07 50.8 285.seventy five 323.eighty five 360
WDR2380 207.29 A 22.07 fifty.eight 285.75 323.eighty five 310 26.7
WDH2480 203.two A 22.07 50.eight 285.seventy five 323.85 360 27
WDR2480 203.2 A 22.07 fifty.8 285.seventy five 323.eighty five 310 27


The chain & sprocket package tends to make for a straightforward but really powerful combination. These elements are an integral element of logistic products, materials dealing with gear, and other types of automatic mechanical assemblies. Renowned for sturdiness and dependability, XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.WU can supply possible customers with exceptional chain transmission options. 

As an seasoned Chinese transmission chain maker, we provide a wide assortment of products like the engineering course roller chain, conveyor chain, elevator chain, fall forged chain, welded metal chain, and sprockets. Also CZPT are specialized chains for sugar and palm oil industries. The robust engineering capability of XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.WU has assisted numerous a customer with the efficient design and style of special products. CZPT orders with pre-hooked up drawings and samples can be accommodated. We will formulate corresponding blueprints and await the manufacturing confirmation. Truth-more than 40% of our once-a-year generation benefit can be attributed to customized goods with non-common specs. 

Included in 2000, we have given that created important strides in the enhancement of manufacturing methods. A total corporate management system allows us to properly recruit new talents although creating new varieties of engineering and conveyor chains. Via progressive improvement, we have emerged as the major designer and maker of nonstandard conveyor chains in mainland China. Our superb status has allowed us to obtain entry into the Nationwide Chain Transmission CZPTizing Technological innovation Committee of China.

Stainless Steel Wide Series Offset Sidebar Welded Conveyor Transmission Chain