Steel Plate High Speed CNC Drilling Machine

PHD series CNC Higher-Speed Drilling Device For Steel Plates

Relevant industry: Utilized for the drilling processing for tube plate, clapboard and flange, in petrochemical, boiler, and wind electrical power flange industries, also for joint plates in building, bridge, iron tower, etc.

Product function:
1. Large-load linear roller manual pairs are equipped on two sides of the equipment mattress respectively. The longitudinal motion of the gantry’s two sides is pushed synchronously by means of AC servo motor and exact ballscrew pair of large pitch.
2. Two movable slides are geared up on the cross beam of gantry. The sliders are guided by two linear roller information pairs and driven by AC servo motor and precise ballscrew pair of large pitch respectively.
three. The slides on the cross beam are outfitted with vertical CNC feeding ram-type drilling spindle, which adopts particular conversion motor with heavy load for spindle. The motor drives the spindle via synchronous belt. The drilling spindle adopts ZheJiang precision spindle (innercooling) with disk spring automatic broach mechanism, hydraulic cylinder loosing cutter, very handy to alter shank.
four. The device is outfitted with hydraulic method to complete the hydraulic harmony of vertical ram and hydraulic cutter loosing of spindle.
 5. It adopts FAGOR8055 CNC system of Spain, geared up with RS232 interface and Liquid crystal display display. The automatic programming presented can not only generate processing programs instantly, but also preview hole placement just before drilling.
6.It is geared up with chain-plate type automatic chip-conveyor and chip collection trolley. The cooling system is outfitted with paper filer, high-strain innercooling pump and lower-pressure outercooling pump, which are used for innercooling or outercooling of cutter.

Engineering Parameter:

  Product PHD2571 PHD2525 PHD3030
Max. size of workpiece (mm)
Max. gap distance L×W (mm) 2000×2000 2500×2500 3000×3000
Max. thickness(mm) 300
Worktable Width/distance of T groove(mm) 28/five hundred
Drilling spindle Quantity 2
Spindle taper BT50
Max. diameter of drilling(mm) Φ40 (carbide drill)
Φ50(high speed twist drill)
Rotation velocity(conver, stepless)(r/min) thirty~2000
Motor energy of spindles(kW) 2×22
Spindle nether surface area to operate desk(mm) 280~780
Longitudinal movement of gantry (X axis) Max. stroke(mm) 2000 2500 3000
X axis feeding velocity(m/min) ~8
X axis servo motor power(kW) 2×3
Horizontal shift (Y axis) Max. distance of spindles(mm) 2000 2500 300
Y axis feeding speed(m/min) ~eight
Y axis servo motor power(kW) 2×3
Vertical transfer (Z axis) Z axis Max. stroke (mm) 500
Z axis feeding pace(m/min) -four
Z axis servo motor power(kW) 2×3
Positioning precision X,Y axis(mm) ≤  (Total length)
Re- positioning precision X,Y axis(mm) ≤0.05
CZPT method CZPT pump(Mpa)/(L/min) seven /twenty five
Motor for hydraulic pump(kW) 3
Chip removal and cooling Kind of chip-conveyor Chain-plate type
Amount of chip-conveyor 1
Chip-removal velocity(m/min) 1
Motor for swarf conveyor(kW) .seventy five
Motor for cooling pump(kW) 2×3+.seventy five
Overall dimension L×W×H (m) Appr. five.2×5.1×3.6 Appr. five.7×5.6×3.6 Appr. six.2×6.1×3.6
Fat of equipment(t) Appr. 30 Appr. 35 Appr. forty
Observe: Other versions can be created by customers’ ask for.

Steel Plate High Speed CNC Drilling Machine