Treadmill Conveyor Belt     Running Belt


Our company supplies operating belts with various profile and thickness for treadmill, , particularly ideal for mechanical treadmill and motorized treadmill. The items are anti-static and with minimal noise, we make the running belts accroding to the buyer request, our thickness from one.2MM-four.0MM, we can print your require brand on the managing belts.


Mild obligation conveyor belts are produced for all programs with different fabrics impregnation like polyester, nylon, cotton, sound woven, fiberglass and so on. Belts are CZPT in various colours like inexperienced, white, black, blue and thickness from .5 mm to fifteen mm up to 3500 mm width and with prime floor coating Rubber,

The major items contain flat area sequence, anti-slid series which diversified in a whole lot of textures for conference various conveying situations and atmosphere, showcasing anti-static, anti-corrosion, flame retardant and so on.

There are wide selection of styles of rough prime belt CZPT such as Diamond, Chevron, Herringbone, Rib, Grid, Wave, Spherical and Oval nubs, Convex-tooth and so forth.

Solution parameters

Describe Size(mm) Coloration Remark
running belt 620*3350*three.2mm black Commercial,Germany’s material,grass,diamond and golf 
running belt 620*3350*2.5mm black Professional,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond and golf 
running belt 2630*480*one.six black Home,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2750*500*one.six black House,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2665*410*one.6 black House,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2670*450*one.6 black Property,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 1705*three hundred*one.4 black Home,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2115*350*one.four black House,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 320X2120MM*1.four black Residence,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 400X2320MM*1.4 black Property,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2380*385*one.6 black Home,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2620*420*one.six black Property,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2555*430*1.6 black House,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 3571*500*1.eight black Home,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2900*480*one.eight black Property,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2850*510*1.6 black Property,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2350*360*one.6 black House,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 2400*380*1.6 black Home,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond
running belt 510*2985*two. black Home,ZheJiang ‘s material,grass,diamond


Positive aspects:

Minimal operating sound and costs, reduced maintenance, exceptional durability.
Mostly impervious to oils, greases and a lot of chemicals.
Specific sorts give superb grip on inclination.
Abrasion resistant – rugged, higher energy – low extend characteristic.
Mild and skinny, far better toughness / fat ratio – strength saving.
Fantastic monitoring over great size – longitudinally adaptable and laterally stiff.

The major goods include flat floor collection, anti-slid collection which diversified in a whole lot of textures for assembly different conveying problems and setting, featuring anti-static, anti-corrosion, flame retardant and many others.

There are extensive selection of patterns of tough prime belt CZPT including Diamond, Chevron, Herringbone, Rib, Grid, Wave, Spherical and Oval nubs, Convex-tooth and so on.

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Treadmill Conveyor Belt     Running Belt