2000bph Semi Automatic One Worker Operator Bottle Blow Molding Making Machine

2000bph Semi Computerized One Worker Operator Bottle Blow Molding Creating Device


Bottle blowing machine is a type of products which can make plastic granules into hollow containers by blow
molding method. It is primarily employed in beverage and foods market.


one. Excellent Mechanical Strength, effect-resisting, and non-craking. 
two. Bottle mouth and thread are of precise measurement.
three. CZPT Medicine Bottle’s secure thread can be molding immediately.
four. The measurement and bodyweight of the product can compute and layout evidently and fulfill the need of the style
CZPT any deviation. 
five. The floor of the bottle mouth, neck and the entire body is great luster and smoothness, the standard of bottle physique
is unity. 
6. The joint seam on the bottle physique is clean, no scrap rubber. 


1). Steady overall performance with innovative PLC.
two). Computerized preform conveyer to save human cost.
3). Preform self-rotation and infrared pre-heater revolution assure the even distribution of heat, which increase the
bottle shaping charge, increase the creation.
four). Large changing overall performance to permit preheat the preforms flawlessly by adjust the voltage management spot in the PLC, which could modify the temperature of the infrared lights in the pre-heater, and maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity invariable.
five). High safeties with protection computerized-locking system in every mechanical action, which will make the creation into a best secure atmosphere, in situation of the breakdown in specific treatment.
six). Introduce the FESTO air cylinder to stay away from contamination and noise.
7). Satisfaction with distinct atmospheric force for blowing and mechanical action by dividing the blowing and action into three parts in the air strain diagram of the machine.
eight). Sturdy clamping power with large stress and double crank hyperlinks to lock the mould.
nine). Two techniques of running: automated and manual.
10). Low value,substantial performance,simple operation and upkeep and many others, profited from the fully automatic technological procedure.
twelve). Perfect cooling method make the concluded bottles CZPT any flaws.

Principal Elements and Manufacturers(can be CZPT)

No. Description Model & Origin
one PLC Omron (Japan)
two Functioning Panel KunlunTongtai (Sino-overseas joint venture)
3 Servo Motor
(Pushed the mold clamping system, stepping system, the stretching system, preform arraying)
Yaskawa (Japan)
4 Speed Reducer NEUGART (Germany)
five Substantial Stress Blowing Valve (pre-blowing, blowing and exhausting integrated) PARKER(U.S.A.)
six Cylinder CZPT(Germany) or FESTO (Germany)
7 Motion Valve Parker (Usa)
8 Management Button, Intermediate Relay Omron (Japan)
9 AC Contactor, Thermal Relay Schneider (France)
ten CZPT Voltage Regulator Omron (Japan)
11 Silicon Manage Semikron (Germany)
12 Infrared Tungsten Lamp Pipe Lianggu(China)
thirteen Convertible Governor Omron (Japan)

Semi automatic:

Product ZG-1000A
Device kind One heater+two blower
Cavity two +2
Potential(500ml/bottle/h) 1200-1600
Bottle volume .two-2L
Max diameter*height ¢90*320
Fat 1000kg


Product ZG-8Y ZG-8A ZG-8B ZG-9A ZG-9B ZG-twelve
Equipment kind One particular heater+1 blower
Cavity 2 two 1 2 1 1
Bottle volume .2-2L 2-5L 2-5L five-10L five-10L ten-20L
Potential(500ml/bottle/h) 600-800 five hundred-seven hundred three hundred-500 five hundred-700 two hundred-400 60-120
Weight(KG) 780 1050 980 1150 a thousand 1380

Creation line

Equipment online video

PET Bottle Blow Molding Equipment (Semi-automated variety) How to change the bottle mould? https://youtu.be/BIVkicV0TX8
How to install the bottle mould? https://youtu.be/Qi9F6zYIBYE
How to center? https://youtu.be/wJt3TJfg5DM
Scorching juice bottle bottle blow molding device https://youtu.be/OB_Wtx_uI1k
3L PET bottle blowing device with two cavity mould https://youtu.be/yLEuPY9yPC4
PET 5L bottle blow molding technique https://youtu.be/PC0fx7XdwB8
5L PET bottle blow molding equipment https://youtu.be/l1pOkaoXoi8
100BPH five gallon 20L bottle blow molding device https://youtu.be/vM5cP6X05ak
330ml-1500ml PET square bottle blowing device(taken from client’s manufacturing unit) https://youtu.be/obQDgCkkrIw
1000BPH Semi-automated two cavity PET bottle creating machine https://youtu.be/z5ZZQrRA-oA
five gallon bottle blow molding equipment https://youtu.be/Zyt5NZnpGBE

PET Bottle Blow Molding Equipment (Computerized variety) 3L-5L PET bottle blow molding device https://youtu.be/2sH7jEz7uVQ
Computerized six cavity PET bottle blowing equipment https://youtu.be/FJmIgkq-jF4
6000BPH 500ml PET bottle blow molding program https://youtu.be/8BRn6jerciw
500ml H2o bottle 6000BPH Blowing technique https://youtu.be/jNZ3LuJsr_4
Automatic four cavity PET bottle blowing equipment https://youtu.be/P41dFkos5ug
6000BPH water bottle blow molding program(taken from client’s factory) https://youtu.be/jaI0iZDFr2w
100ml-1500ml plastic bottle blow molding technique https://youtu.be/oLCKcrpyzs0
Chain offering 6 cavity PET bottle stretching blow molding equipment https://youtu.be/oh4LHF6gQNc
Computerized 4 cavity PET bottle blow molding program https://youtu.be/WHze0QWd0gs
Automated four cavity sq. bottle blow molding machine https://youtu.be/8gZ763Gvl8g
PET bottle four cavity extend blow molding device https://youtu.be/74qSUB_qPsI
6 Cavity PET preform extend blow molding method https://youtu.be/HYy6gXCHY6o
PET jar blowing device https://youtu.be/BxRS2KerpU4

A lot more generation line

RO drinking water treatment method system:

We undertake diverse products to generate pure h2o, mineral h2o and so on. The principal tools of RO Water Treatment Plant are silica sand filter, energetic carbon filter, sodium ion exchanger, hollow fiber, RO( reverse osmosis), UV sterilizer, precision filter, ozone generator, water tank and so on.  
It can properly get rid of muddy natural and organic issue, iron, manganese and many others, reduce the hardness of the water to make all technical specs of the drinking water quality entirely fulfill the state refreshing h2o common of clean drink drinking water.

Drinking water filling equipment: 

1)It is adopted that immediate link in between air conveyor and inlet starwheel instead of screw and conveyor chains, which is simpler for bottle shifting.
2)There is no need to change the height of equipment through neck holding tech for bottle transportation.And what is only to modify some spare elements.
3)High pace filling line is of clamp transferring technologies.Bottle designs are far more assorted, and the working table inside of the device is far more laconic.
four)By three-in-1 monoblock, the bottle goes via rinsing, filling and capping with tiny abrasion, and the transferring is stable, bottle altering is easier.
5)Specially designed stainless metal bottle clamp dose not speak to the thread parts of the bottle neck, avoiding the second contamination.
6)Substantial speed and big stream filling valve assures the substantial filling velocity and precise fluid amount.
7)Areas make contact with with the liquid are all of excellent stainless metal or food stage plastic.The electrical method is of global brand name and achieves the countrywide foods sanitary common.

Automatic sleeve labeling equipment: 

It is ideal for all varieties of drinks, these kinds of as fruit juice, tea beverage, dairy items, pure h2o, beer, sports drinks
and other food and beverage industries. It not only has substantial precision of labeling situation,but also can emphasize bottles
and perfect bottle-formed following shrinkage.
one. It is appropriate for all varieties of drinks, this kind of as fruit juice, tea beverage, dairy merchandise, pure h2o, beer, sports drinks and
other food and beverage industries. It not only has large accuracy of labeling place, but also can spotlight bottles andperfect bottle-shaped following shrinkage.
2. Extremely steady mechanical structure,The complete machine adopts stainless metal protective body protect and aluminum alloyrigid body, which is stable and rust-free.
3. Flexible option of all kinds of bottle kind: spherical bottle, square bottle, elliptical bottle etc. can also select the bottle mouthor physique.
4. Unique synchronous cutter holder, inside the scope of technical specs, no alternative cutter holder. If the technical specs need to be transformed, it can be completed quickly in five minutes.
five. The condition is exquisite and stunning, the general construction is sturdy, and the use is a lot more lightweight and flexible.

Automatic shrink wrapping packing equipment: 

Specially designed for drinks, pure drinking water, fruit juice, wine and other drinks. With complete computerized functions of bottle transfer and arrange, movie wrapping, sealing and chopping, shrinkage, cooling and other traits. It adopts the world’s innovative film thermostatic sealing technologies, and the sealing is firmly cleaned. The PLC software is utilised for computerized circulation manage, and the overall performance is steady and reliable. 3-layer warmth insulation, very good heat preservation functionality, quickly heating, strength conserving.

Deal and shipping

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A: Make sure you inform us under circumstances to get the acceptable offer you quickly:

1, What type of solution you will produce? Water, juice, carbonated consume, beer, ketchup or an additional?

two, What is your creation capability for every hour / per day / per thirty day period?

three, What is your bottle sorts and cap kinds? Glass bottle, PET bottle, Aluminum can or an additional? And How many bottle varieties that you have?

4, What is the ultimate labeling and packing manner?

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2000bph Semi Automatic One Worker Operator Bottle Blow Molding Making Machine