30-50kg Large Industrial Ozone Machine for All Kinds of Flue Gas Environment

Air Supply Ozone Generator CZPT Parameters

Design Ozone creation Feed gasoline movement Ozone
Cooling drinking water circulation Energy use Electronic Control Cabinet
Ozone discharge chamber Dimension (mm)
kg/h Nm³/h wt% m³/h Kwh/kgO³ W D H W D H
POZBA-1K one 26-39 2-3 3-four fourteen-seventeen 800x800x1800 900x800x1800
POZBA-2K two 52-seventy seven 2-three six-eight 14-seventeen 2000x900x1800 2100x900x1800
POZBA-3K 3 77-one hundred fifteen two-3 nine-twelve 14-seventeen 2000x900x1800 2100x1000x1900
POZBA-4K 4 one hundred and five-one hundred fifty five two-3 twelve-16 14-seventeen 2200x1000x2000 2100x1100x2000
POZBA-5K 5 130-one hundred ninety two-three fifteen-twenty fourteen-seventeen 3300x1100x2040 2200x1200x2100
POZBA-6K 6 a hundred and fifty five-230 2-three eighteen-24 14-seventeen 3300x1100x2040 2200x1200x2100
POZBA-8K 8 205-310 2-3 24-32 fourteen-17 3700x1200x2040 3800x1000x2100
POZBA-10K 10 260-390 2-3 thirty-40 fourteen-17 4000x1200x2140 3800x1200x2100
POZBA-15K 15 390-580 two-three 45-sixty fourteen-seventeen 4500x1200x2250 3900x1200x2100
POZBA-20K 20 515-755 two-three sixty-eighty 14-17 5600x1200x2350 3900x1300x2300
POZBA-25K 25 640-960 two-three 75-one hundred fourteen-seventeen 5600x1200x2350 3900x1400x2400
POZBA-30K thirty 775-1160 2-three one hundred-a hundred and twenty 14-seventeen 6000x1200x2350 3900x1500x2500
POZBA-40K 40 1030-1550 two-three one hundred twenty-160 fourteen-17 6200x1600x2250 4000x1800x2700
POZBA-50K 50 1290-2320 2-three 150-two hundred 14-seventeen 8500x1600x2350 4000x2000x2850

Oxygen Supply Ozone Generator CZPT Parameters

Product Ozone generation Feed fuel stream Focus Cooling drinking water flow Electrical power use  Electronic Manage Cupboard
Ozone discharge chamber Dimension (mm)
kg/h Nm³/h wt% m³/h Kwh/kgO³ W D H W D H
POZBO-1K one 7-9 eight-ten 1.five-two 14-seventeen 700x800x1800 800x800x1800
POZBO-2K 2 fourteen-18 8-10 3-four 14-17 800x800x1800 900x800x1800
POZBO-3K 3 21-26 8-ten four.five-6 14-17 1200x1000x1900 800x1000x1900
POZBO-4K 4 28-39 8-10 6-8 14-seventeen 2000x900x1800 2100x900x1800
POZBO-5K 5 34-43 8-10 seven.five-10 fourteen-17 2000x900x1800 2100x1000x1900
POZBO-6K six 41-fifty two eight-ten 9-twelve fourteen-17 2000x900x1800 2100x1000x1900
POZBO-8K 8 fifty five-sixty nine 8-10 twelve-sixteen 14-17 2200x1000x2000 2100x1100x2000
POZBO-10K ten sixty eight-86 8-ten fifteen-20 fourteen-17 3300x1100x2040 2200x1200x2100
POZBO-15K fifteen 102-128 eight-10 17.five-30 fourteen-17 3700x1200x2040 3800x1000x2100
POZBO-20K 20 136-171 8-10 thirty-40 fourteen-seventeen 4000x1200x2140 3800x1100x2100
POZBO-25K twenty five 170-210 eight-ten 36-50 14-17 4000x1200x2140 3800x1200x2100
POZBO-30K thirty 203-256 8-ten 45-sixty 14-seventeen 4500x1200x2250 3900x1200x2100
POZBO-40K forty 271-341 8-ten sixty-eighty fourteen-seventeen 5600x1200x2350 3900x1300x2300
POZBO-50K 50 339-426 8-ten seventy five-one hundred fourteen-17 5600x1200x2350 3900x1400x2400
POZBO-60K sixty 406-511 eight-10 eighty-120 14-17 6000x1200x2350 3900x1500x2500
POZBO-70K 70 485-625 eight-ten a hundred and five-one hundred forty fourteen-17 6200x1600x2250 3900x1600x2600
POZBO-80K 80 542-681 eight-ten one hundred twenty-one hundred sixty fourteen-17 6200x1600x2250 4000x1800x2700
POZBO-100K a hundred 677-852 eight-10 a hundred and fifty-200 fourteen-17 8500x1600x2350 4000x2000x2850

1. Energy intake is based on different ozone concentration and cooling drinking water circumstances.
2. CZPTerize for greater ozone concentration ozone generator.

Flue Gas Denitrification
The advantages of ozone denitrification technologies

  1. Lower temperature flue fuel remedy has nothing to do with the front-stop combustion procedure and has no affect on procedure.
  2. Suitable for all kinds of flue gasoline atmosphere, this kind of as energy plant boiler, garbage incinerator, cement kiln, sintering plant flue gasoline therapy and other complex environment.
  3. The implementation of simultaneous desulfurization and degradation of organic mercury removing and denitrification, attain a elimination tower.
  4. No NHthree denitration is attained, no ammonia leakage and two pollution pitfalls.

Software region

  1. All sorts of coal-fired boilers, gasoline fired boilers and flue fired boilers
  2. Steel mill sintering device and other psychological smelting furnaces
  3. Various glass furnaces and cement processing furnaces
  4. Combustion furnace of all types of squander
  5. No acid gasoline circulation in a variety of chemical processes
  6. Flue fuel of a variety of petroleum catalytic cracking models
  7. Refuse incinerator

Our Products benefit

  • All in one particular equipment, effortless to operate
  • In excess of temperature defense, over-current safety, and over-voltage abnormality checking.
  • Ozone leakage alarm, procedure fault alarm monitoring
  • Provide complete set of auxiliary equipment, such as air compressor, gas storage tank, filter, freezing dryer, adsorption dryer and many others.
  • Use specific stainless metal tube for discharge chamber
  • With SIEMENS PLC contact display automatic manage program, customers can accomplish checking, control, switching, location, report, alarm, cycle begin-up, emergency shutdown and so forth. capabilities.

Our Main Technologies

  one. Ozone discharge chamber technology

Particular glass tube discharge chamber(Patent No ZL2011 two 0385785) adopts double air hole discharge engineering, higher high quality glass medium and matching dedicated energy provide, completely exerts the effectiveness of corona discharge to produce ozone, making sure huge output, substantial concentration and lower electricity intake.

two. Large electrical power ozone devoted dry-kind transformer engineering

The higher voltage transformer converts the alternating present output from the inerter circuit into large voltage electricity suitable for era of ozone by generating a dielectric barrier discharge in the chamber discharge body. In buy to match the capacitive qualities of the incidence of the discharge of the chamber discharge human body, the demands of its parameters are diverse from individuals of ordinary transformers.

three.Ozone specific frequency conversion electricity provide technologies

The ozone generator management system is independently designed by the organization to control the typical procedure of the ozone generator energy offer, and has anti-jamming, load quick circuit defense, high working temperature safety, with market major amount, higher operation reliability.

Ozone is a nicely identified strong oxidizing compound. In the discipline of waste gasoline purification and deodorization, the result of the sturdy oxidation ozone and the molecular reaction of the exhaust fuel can be employed to purify deodorization and deodorization. This approach has the pursuing attributes:

As a powerful oxidizing compound 2nd only to fluorine in mother nature, ozone can react with most of the fuel molecules speedily and properly, especially for lengthy chain macromolecules and ring molecules,which are really useful in the software of desulfurization and denitrification.

Simple OF USE
The application of ozone in engineering is very handy. The ozone created by ozone can go into the air duct or air chamber to fulfill the ozone amount and response time, which can obtain the deodorization impact. There is nearly no engineering value for new squander fuel tasks and renovation tasks.

Help save Price
Ozone deodorization tools expense cost is reduced, no complex engineering, lower operating expense.

 Environmental situations

Functioning Temperature 0ºC to +40ºC
Altitude If >1000 meters earlier mentioned sea stage, the cooling influence turn into bad and the air outlet of air compressor will minimize
Humidity Maximum eighty five% relative humidity
Ambiance Non-flammable, corrosive and conductive dust
Atmospheric Force one hundred and one.3KPa regular atmospheric pressure is needed
Doing work Location Circumstances Maintain the space for ozone generator program dry and ventilated

Soon after income service

Our company is liable for the maintenance of the tools and the institution of equipment person files from the date the products leaves the factory.
The smart distant monitoring heart monitors the operation of gear in true time via the smart remote monitoring system.

  1. After-income service promise middle, developed a full right after-revenue parts warehouse and supporting facilities.
  2. Offer free gear use instruction and tools servicing instruction.
  3. Provide buyers with products factors and maintenance components in time.
  4. CZPT the warranty time period, a lengthy-term servicing deal can be signed.
  5. Strengthen the contact with users, pay consideration to the viewpoints of users, build consumer quality tracking info card, boost the user profile.
  6. The expert training crew pays regular visits to comprehend the procedure of the gear to ensure the long-term secure and reputable procedure of the equipment.



Deal and shipping

Field installation

Why Decide on Us?

one. Knowledge :11 years focus on ozone generator R&D and manufacture,support of far more than one thousand consumers.

2. 30000 square meter manufacturing facility area

3. Core patent engineering and licensed certifications

4. Strict top quality control to guarantee risk-free and reliable merchandise

five.Service: 24 several hours on-line provider,existence-extended servicing

6.Professional overseas product sales staff, provide prompt response

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30-50kg Large Industrial Ozone Machine for All Kinds of Flue Gas Environment