Automatic Cardboard Die Cutting Carton Machine Die Cutter for Paperboard Making

Automated Cardboard Die Chopping Carton Equipment Die Cutter for Paperboard Making

CZPT configuration and function:

  1. Over weight paper feeding mechanism
  1. Fish scale type paper feeder, greatest operating velocity die cutting one hundred twenty parts / min, stripping 108 items/min.
  2. Independent pre- code paper equipment that can maintain working paper pile at any time
  3. Adjustable side blowing device
  4. CZPT circuit electricity crack safety to defend traveling head from collision, secure and reliable.
  5. Press and pull double use aspect gauge.
  6. Transverse paper blowing system.
  7. Mechanical and electrical kind double inspection mechanism.
  8. Flat belt of Japanese neon.
  9. PLC and encoder management the time of the entire machine.
  10. Detection of aspect gauge and entrance gauge.
  11. The system controls the beginning time of the air pump to guarantee that each piece of paper can reach the situation of the front gauge properly when the equipment is opened at any time, so that the adjustment time is greatly shortened.
  12. When double failure happened, time delay to cease, the paper can be taken off from the paper transfer segment effortlessly.
  13. Equally facet gauge and entrance gauge are geared up with photoelectric detection switch.
  14. Automated alternation of the principal and the auxiliary paper pile desk, and the feeder need stop.
  15. Robust paper sucking head, 4 sucking and 4 feeding, the suction nozzle can match the paper deformation situations to debug all kinds of paper suction angle.
  16. Tremendous difficult alloy therapy of gasoline distributor.
  17. Sturdy paper Feeder, 2000g cardboard and 4mm thick corrugated cardboard, can also feeding simply.
  18. Pre-code paper tracks   1set
  19. paper guide           1 sets

two.Die slicing division
(1) CZPT voltage regulator.
(2) 40Cr crankshaft.
(3) Grinding of worm 40Cr following hardening.
(4) The photoelectric manage box variation placement detection, pneumatic locking.
(5) QT60 resin sand approach for the correct remaining wall plate and higher and lower platform of spheroidal graphite forged iron.
(six) Die slicing bottom plate and knife mould plate rotary system.
(seven) Computerized cooling and lubricating method for lubricating oil in the principal transmission box.
(8) Torsion restriction overload security.
(nine) seven groups of tooth row and precision positioning framework of anode quality alumina alloy.
(10) Total import substantial power double pitch tooth row chain.
(11) 230 degree large precision intermittent splitter (unbiased analysis and improvement of HangCZPT Institute).
(12) CZPT synchro belt.
(13) Italy brand pneumatic clutch brake system.
(fourteen) HangCZPT Yong Dun 80F vacuum compound fuel pump.
(fifteen) Tremendous challenging metal plate 7mm    1piece
(16) adjustable active plate body    1piece
(17) Pneumatic lower-off lock unit
(18) Die slicing plate centre positioning system.
(19) Tooth row positioning micro adjustment mechanism.

  1. Hand turning gear system

three.Stripping division
(1) The stripping bracket can be pulled out of the mechanism and it is swift and hassle-free to install the stripping plate.
(two) The style of the stripping framework adopts the three frame layout of the upper, center and reduced areas.
(3) In accordance with the wants of the die slicing merchandise, pick the blanking needle cleaning waste or the template cleansing.
(4) The heart positioning method is adopted in the stripping template, which is convenient, accurate and smooth.
(five) higher and decrease stripping frames every single 1set
(six) The procedure is simple, the diploma of automation is substantial and the labor intensity is diminished.

4.Paper accumulating division
(one) Automatic conversion of paper accumulating system to recognize computerized conversion of major and auxiliary paper.
(2)Automated aligning unit, breaking brush, adjustable force.
(three)The anti-back paper photoelectric detection swap, to avert extreme substantial of paper pile and paper bending.

  1. Chain department
  1. The primary drive chain (Uk Renord)
  2. Oil made up of nylon guidebook chain plate.

six.Motor section
(one)The primary paper feeding motor adopts equipment motor and the variable frequency velocity  control, which is secure and reputable.
(two)The dual pace motor is utilized for paper feeding and paper collection to increase the operating performance.
(three)Major paper Motor ZheJiang Chengbang manufacturer one.5KW.
(four)Primary paper collection motor ZheJiang Chengbang brand name 1.1KW.
(5)Auxiliary paper feeding motor .4kw.
(six)Principal motor adopt ZheJiang Xihu (West Lake) Dis.yuan/Wangao 11kw.
(seven)Air pump motor 3kw
(8)Oil pump motor .4kw
(nine)Stripping part electrical window motor  0.2kw
(ten)Upper frame lift motor .09kw

seven.Fault control and safety detection
(one)The complete 39 security detection factors, all through PLC detection.
(three)ZheJiang HITEC 7 Inch Contact Display.
(four)Japanese OMRON, encoder and detection swap, Swiss entrance gauge, facet gauge photoelectric detection, Bedook photoelectric detection swap, CHINT microdetection switch.
(5) Japan CZPT inverter.
(six)Detection point: the main feeding upper restrict principal feeding reduce restrict auxiliary paper feeding higher limitauxiliary paper feeding lower restrict feeding pile limit feeding above high primary accumulating limit the primary accumulating bell warning main amassing lower limit auxiliary paper amassing enabled auxiliary paper collecting higher limit auxiliary paper accumulating lower restrict procedure surface area front gauge electrical eye transmission surface entrance gauge electrical eye procedure area side gauge electric powered eye paper amassing protection inspection transmission surface area aspect gauge electric powered eye empty electrical eye counting photoelectric switch torque anomaly detection anti back-paper manage plate frame extraction detection metal plate extraction detection accumulating chain detection entrance window detection rear window detection double sheet detection paper feeding angle detection paper feeding security detection paper transfer anomaly detection oil force security change intermittent detection air pressure defense change the exhaust anomaly detection switch exhaust operation surface area window protecting detection stripping part security gear switch stripping frame upper& reduce limit take a look at change, and the transmission facet window guarding detection swap.

eight.lubrication method
(1)Automatic oil pump, compelled lubrication program
(two)Higher functionality oil temperature condenser.
(three)Automatic intermittent lubrication technique of HangCZPT Bechl push chain.
(4)Temperature handle gadget for industrial heat exchange of principal electric powered management box.
(five)The primary fuel route system is SMC of Japan.

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Automatic Cardboard Die Cutting Carton Machine Die Cutter for Paperboard Making