China fluid coupling
Product model

The business possesses load restricting type of continuous filling fluid coupling,load limiting type h2o medium hydraulic .com/fluid-couplings.files/b4.jpg]#coupling,variable speed fluid coupling,coupling,friction coupling series of all productions.

The principal items

At current, we are specialised in making limiting type of continual filling fluid coupling, variable pace fluid coupling and a variety of couplings series. In addition, we can also make specific non-standardized goods demanded by consumers.

fluid coupling

YOT Series Procedure Theory

The YOT collection variable pace fluid couplings are working in the subsequent principle: the rotating component consist of two bladed wheels-a pump wheel and a turbe wheel, the space amongst them is partially crammed with a working fluid. The pump wheel is pushed by motor, the rotating wheel brings the fluid into rotation and therefore change input mechanical vitality into fluid energy, again to mechanical vitality.

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