Cow Manure Processing Machine Fertilizer Granulator Organic Fertilizer Making Plant

    Cow Manure Processing Equipment Fertilizer Granulator Natural and organic Fertilizer Generating Plant 

Merchandise Description:
With the fast advancement of the livestock and poultry business, a large volume of manure and sewage are produced. The harmful aspects in these manures are critically exceeded and it is difficult to deal with them in the standard returning method. The organic fertilizer generation line makes new rooster and pig manure CZPT any chemical ingredients, even though hen and pig have very poor digestion capability and can only consume twenty five% of the nutrients, even though the other seventy five% of the vitamins in the feed are with the feces. Discharge, so that the dry solution contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, natural and organic matter, amino acids, proteins and other substances. An natural and organic fertilizer production line can not only satisfy the wants of nearby fertilizers, but also provide the requirements of the encompassing markets. Bio-organic and natural fertilizer is broadly utilised in different fields these kinds of as farmland, fruit trees, bouquets, landscaping, lawns, and soil improvement, and has great consequences.

Commonly Selection Uncooked Substance Decision:

one. Agricultural squander: straw, dregs of beans, cotton dregs, rice bran,and many others.

two. Animal manure: mixture of poultry litter (PL) and animal squander(AW),this sort of as,Slaughterhouse     Waste,Fish Market place,Urine and dung of cattle,Pigs,Sheep,Hen, Ducks, Geese,Goat.and so on.

three.CZPT waste: wine lees, vinegar residue, manioc waste, sugar scum, furfural residue etc.

4. Property scrap: food squander, bones, the roots and leaves of greens, and so on.

5. Sludge: the sludge of the river, the sewer, etc.

Operating Theory:

Main Equipment of Natural Fertilizer Manufacturing Line:

1. Crushing equipment: new semi-moist substance pulverizer–vertical pulverizer and horizontal pulverizer. The inside composition has chain kind and hammer type. No screen, even if the substance is eliminated from the drinking water, it will not be clogged.

2, mixing gear: mixing mixer – including vertical mixer, horizontal mixer, two-axis potent mixer, drum mixer and so on. The inside stirring composition is divided into a stirring blade variety, a spiral kind, and the like. Design a suitable agitation structure dependent on the qualities of the content. The discharge port is developed for cylinder handle and baffle control.

three. Conveying products: belt conveyor–mobile belt conveyor, set belt conveyor, etc. Belt conveyor is an economical logistics conveying gear that is indispensable for the rhythmical circulation line. It has sturdy conveying capability and conveying. The distance is brief, the construction is simple and simple to maintain, and the attributes of software handle and automation can be simply implemented.

4. Fermentation turning gear: turning equipment, turning machine – including trough turning device, walking variety turning equipment, chain plate turning equipment, forklift turning machine, crawler turning equipment for organic fermentation Throwing operate, as nicely as fermenters.

5, granulation gear: natural fertilizer specific granulator – including roll extrusion granulator, disc granulator, stir granulator, drum granulator, rounding machine, drum granulator, and many others. . According to the traits of the uncooked components, decide on a suitable granulator.

six, drying and cooling gear: rotary dryer – alias drum dryer, bio-organic fertilizer dryer, simply because the temperature of organic and natural fertilizer drying can not exceed 80 °, so our dryer is dried by hot air mode. Cooler – Similar to the dryer, but with various components and properties. The principal device of the dryer is created of boiler metal, and the principal unit of the cooling machine is made of carbon steel.

seven. Screening equipment: Screening device–such as drum type display and vibrating display. The screening machine is divided into a three-phase sieve, a second-stage sieve and the like.

eight. Coating products: granule coating machine–The form of the main equipment is similar to that of dryer and cooler, and the interior construction is extremely different. The inside of of the coating machine is manufactured of stainless steel or polypropylene. The total machine consists of the powder pulverizer and oil pump for matching.

nine, computerized packaging tools: automated metering packaging device – including spiral and DC, one head and double head, the content is stainless steel and carbon metal, CZPT according to consumer requirements.

Packaging & Shipping:

Packing Specifics: in wood packaging ,according to customer’s demands.
Supply Particulars: Inside of 10-25working days right after payment confirming.

Our Services:

1.Pre-sale providers:
1) Deciding on gear type
2) Designing and fabricating the items in accordance with the specific requirements of the clients
3) Instruction specialized staff for our clients
4) Supplying design and technological innovation consultations or operating out proper building strategies for these new, unique or hard assignments.

two.Solutions provided in the course of the sale:
Respect our consumers current the consumers with simplicity, rest and a surprise devote ourselves to improve the whole value of our clientele.
1) Examining goods acceptance forward of supply
2) Introducing the services technique to our consumers.

3. Soon after-sale solutions:
Boost the additional price of our goods, and allow the consumers free of charge from the employing difficulties:
one) Aiding the consumers getting ready for the initial design scheme
2) Installing and screening the equipments
three) Education the first-line operators on web site
4) Inspecting the equipment frequently
5)Taking the initiatives to eradicate the failure(s) quickly at site 

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Cow Manure Processing Machine Fertilizer Granulator Organic Fertilizer Making Plant