Electric Welded Wire Mesh Roll Machine Production Line

electrical welded wire mesh roll device generation line

1. CZPT parameter of electric powered welded wire mesh device.
Welded wire mesh machine, also named, welded roll mesh device, electric powered welded mesh device. Our roll welding wire mesh device is showcased by wire coil feeding and invert pace control.It is used to make wall mesh,construction mesh,animal cage, mining etc.

 Type DP-DNW-1 DP-DNW-2 DP-DNW-3
 Wire diameter .4-.65mm









 Mesh width Max.1m,one.2m Max.1.2m,1.5m,2m Max.one.2m,1.5m,2m,2.5m
 Motor 2.2kw two.2kw4kw 4kw5.5kw
 Welding speed Max.seventy five rows/min Max.one hundred twenty-a hundred and eighty rows/min Max.80-a hundred and twenty rows/min
 Transformer 50kva∗3 60kva∗460kva∗560kva∗7 70kva/80kva∗5/6/seven/eight
 Weight 1.5T 2T/2.5T 2T/two.5T/3T/3.5T
  •  We can design the machine in accordance to your wire diameter,mesh gap dimension and mesh width. 

two. Principal equipment introduction of galvanized wire roll mesh welding machine

1 Equally of the longitude wire and cross wire are fed from wire coils automatically.
two The raw content is suitable for lower-carbon steel wire (black wire) and galvanized wire.
3 The middle cutter and sider cutters can be adjusted randomly to make two mesh rolls at same time.
four The welding time and welding existing can be modified on the control panel to change the welding diploma.
5 The welding transformers have 8 degrees and can be modified for various wire diameters.
six The mesh roll duration can be set by counter change on the manage panel.

Photographs of electric powered wire mesh welding equipment.

3. Auxiliary equipment:

four.  Loading photos of electrical welded mesh welding device in roll:

5. Quality Control of roll welded mesh manufacturing machine
Earn CZPT Certificate in 2006
Earn CE Certification in 2009
Accepted with inspection by Bureau of Quality Supervision in 2009
Awarded as sophisticated Organization for Venture CZPT, Company with Prominent 
Institution for Science and Technologies development in 2571.

6. Manufacturing facility Introduction of electric welded mesh monitor machine      
We () are chief of building wire mesh welding device in China given that 1999.
Our equipment catalogue:
Steel grating welding equipment,         Reinforcing mesh welding machine
Fence mesh welding device,            Poultry cage mesh welding device
CZPTal welded mesh equipment,        Pneumatic welding equipment
Wedge wire display welding device,    Animal cage welding device
Chain url fence device,             Hexagonal wire mesh machine
Subject fence machine,                 Expanded metal mesh equipment
(Concertina razor) Barbed wire machine, Gabion device, etc.

Our machinery was offered to more than one hundred nations around the world and areas.
CZPTers manufactured great remark on equipment quality.

7. CZPT Market    
Our market addresses five continents:
Asia:             Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, KZ, Singapore, and so forth.
Center East: Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabian, UAE, Iraq, Turkey, etc.
Australia:      Vanuatu, New Zealand, Australia, and so forth.
The us:       US, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and so forth.
Africa:           Sudan, Ethiopia, Algeria, South Africa, Tunis, Botswana, etc.
CZPTpe:         Romania, France, Spain, etc.

eight. Total Services of automatic welded roll mesh machine
Our engineers are CZPT to put in and sustain device abroad.
Assure period: twelve months (but no lengthier than 18 months)
OEM support.
Quickly delivery.
CZPT to CZPT support or 24-hour email provider.

9. Relevant Solution:
Mesh welding device sequence: 
Reinforcing mesh welding machine, fence mesh welding machine, animal cage welding device, metal grating welding device, electric powered welded wire mesh machine, wedged wire display screen welding equipment, wire straightening and cutting device, and so on.  
Mesh weaving equipment series: 
Chain link fence machine, barbed wire equipment, razor barbed wire machine, wire drawing machine, expanded metal mesh device, grassland wire mesh equipment, gabion mesh device, hexagonal wire mesh equipment, steel fiber producing device, and many others.

nine.one Fence mesh welding device
The fence mesh welding device is also called a fence mesh welding line, safety fence device, anti-climb fence welding device, and fence panel equipment. It is utilized to make fence mesh, highway mesh, reinforcing mesh, shelf, explosion-evidence wall, and many others.

Design DP-FP Wire diameter 2.five-6mm
Line wire pitch fifty-300mm Welding torch 48pcs
Cross wire pitch Min.twelve.7 Welding speed Max.80 instances/min
Welding width Max.3m Welding transformer 150kva*six/10pcs
Mesh duration Max.4m Mesh sort panel mesh

9.two Welded wire mesh device in roll
Welded wire mesh machine, also called welded roll mesh equipment, electrical welded mesh machine, electrical mesh welding line.
It’s utilized to make design mesh, wall mesh, animal cage, mining, and many others.

Model DP-DNW Wire diameter .65-two.5mm 
Line wire pitch 6.25-150mm  Cross wire pitch 6.twenty five-150mm 
Mesh width .9-two.5mm  Principal motor two.2kw/4kw/five.5kw/seven.5kw 
Welding transformer sixty-80kva*three/four/5/7/8pcs Welding speed Max.60-a hundred and eighty instances/min 
Excess weight 2T/2.5T/3T/3.5T/4T  Mesh variety roll mesh 

nine.3 Roll BRC mesh welding machine 
Roll mesh welding line, also called computerized welded mesh equipment, welded wire mesh roll equipment, utilised to make street mesh, reinforcing mesh, development mesh, and many others.

Design DP-FP-2500BN Wire diameter two.five-6mm
Line wire pitch fifty-300mm Cross wire pitch Min.50mm
Welding width Max.2500mm Roll length Max.100mm
Welding pace Max.seventy five occasions/min Welding torch 48pcs
Welding transformer 150kva*6pcs Mesh type roll mesh

nine.four Pneumatic reinforcing mesh welding machine
Reinforcing mesh welding line, also called BRC mesh welding machine, design mesh welding equipment. with far more than twenty many years of encounter in layout and manufacture, our BRC mesh welding device is highlighted by substantial ability, simple operation, and exact handle.

Product DP-GW-2500 Wire diameter 3-12mm
Line wire pitch fifty-300mm Cross wire pitch Min.twelve.7/25mm
Mesh length Max.12m Mesh width Max.3000mm
Welding torch Max.24/thirty/forty eight/61pcs Welding transformer 150kva*6/8/twelve/15pcs
Welding speed Max.eighty times/min Mesh variety panel mesh

nine.five Chicken cage mesh welding machine 
Rooster cage mesh welding machine, also called a poultry cage mesh welding machine, breed aquatics welding equipment. 
It’s employed to make breed aquatic mesh, poultry mesh, coop, pigeon mesh, rabbit mesh, etc.

Design DP-AW-1600E Wire diameter two.two-three.5mm
Mesh width Max.1600mm Line wire pitch Mostly fifty-300mm
Welding pace Max.1200 occasions/min Cross wire pitch Min.20mm or customized
Welding torch 25/30/32pcs Welding transformer 125kva*three/4pcs
Excess weight two.5T/3T/three.2T Mesh panel panel mesh and roll mesh

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Electric Welded Wire Mesh Roll Machine Production Line