PE Wrapping Heat Shrink Sleeves for Corrugated Sewage Pipe Connector

PE Shrink Wrapping Heat Shrink Sleeves for Corrugated sewage pipe connector

It is a kind of connecting pipe fitting what is widely used on anti-corrosion, specially on Corrugated sewage pipe joint. It is manufactured by Polyethylene sheets sophisticated . It is with 3layer composed of adhesive, glassfibre, fundamental film. Its edge is shrink rate fast and substantial. 

Shrink Wrapping Warmth Shrink Sleeves Feature:
1. In accordance to the pipe corrugated method, the peak valley width normally from 60mm to 80mm, the Slim tape welding the pipe joint together the chopping edges.
two. Since of various of constraints, can not assure the airproof functionality soon after the pipe joint welded.
three. The greatest way to weld the joint must use the Hand extruder welding the cutting edges inside of the pipe first, the use the slim tape welding it from outside.

Shrink Wrapping Heat Shrink Sleeves Functionality:
1. Water-proof
two. In a position to withstand axial forces initiated by axial actions of the pipe in the floor
three. Able to stand up to radial forces and bending times
four. Ready to stand up to outcomes of temperature and temperature versions.
5. Have the exact same thickness of the line pipe insulation layer.

Metal bolstered polyethylene spirally corrugated pipe diameter Dimension Length× Width× Thickness
DN600 2184× 50× seven
DN700 2197× 50× seven
DN800 2850× 60× 7
DN900 3200× 60× 7
DN1000 3500× 60× 7
DN1100 3650× 60× nine
DN1200 4030× 70× 9
DN1300 4432× 70× 9
DN1400 4750× 70× 9
DN1500 5000× 70× 9
DN1600 5287× 70× nine
DN1800 5915× 70× nine
DN2000 6542× 70× 9

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PE Wrapping Heat Shrink Sleeves for Corrugated Sewage Pipe Connector