Rubber Tracks 300*84yc*34 for Agricultural Rice Cutting Machine

Rubber Tracks 300*84YC*34 for Agricultural Rice Slicing Machine


Technical specs:
1.excavator rubber observe pad
two.excellent top quality and lower value
3.powerful resistance to wear.
4.guarantee:twelve months

1. Kind of rubber tracks:
one). Steady rubber observe
two). Traditional kind or interchangeable variety rubber monitor
three). Guarantee: assure 1 calendar year below typical use
four). Application: mini-excavator, bulldozer, dumper, crawler loader, crawler crane, crawler carrier vehicle, agriculture machinery, paver and other specific machine.

two. The feature of rubber tracks:
(one). Considerably less spherical harm
Rubber tracks lead to less harm to streets than metal tracks, and much less rutting of delicate floor than possibly metal tracks of wheel goods.
(two). Minimal noise
A gain to products operating in congested regions, rubber monitor products significantly less sound than metal tracks.
(three). Large velocity
Rubber observe permit machines to vacation at a increased speed than steel tracks.
(four). Much less vibration
Rubber tracks insulate device and operator from vibration, extending the machine’s life span and reducing run tiredness.
(5). Low floor pressure
The ground strain of rubber tracks equipped equipment can be fairly reduced, about .14-2.thirty kg/ cmm , a key explanation for its use on the moist and soft terrain .
(6). Exceptional traction
The added traction of rubber, keep track of vehicles permits them to pull 2 times the load of wheel vehicles of the sane bodyweight.
three,How to Evaluate skid steer rubber chain?
To examine for the measurement of your existing rubber monitor you will want to measure followings.
Measure the width of the monitor in millimeters or we can do the conversions for you. (one inch = twenty five.four millimeters)
Evaluate the distance from the top of the heart of a single url (metal piece that engages with the sprocket on the observe) to the top of the heart of the subsequent link (in millimeters or we can do the conversions for you). This distance is identified as the pitch of the keep track of.
Count the overall quantity of links (also called metal items or lugs) inside of the track.

The measurement of a monitor is Width x Pitch x Back links.

Size Bodyweight for Every single Link Dimensions Fat for Every Hyperlink Size Fat for Each and every Link
130*seventy two .36 WD300*72 one.459 four hundred*144 seven.75
150*60 .fifty two B300*84 2.88 four hundred*144Y 7.41
a hundred and fifty*seventy two .fifty five T300*86 3.13 420*a hundred 5.3
one hundred seventy*sixty .48 three hundred*109KW 3.38 450*seventy one four.forty five
a hundred and eighty*sixty .56 K300*109 3.56 DW450*seventy one 4.82
one hundred eighty*seventy two .64 300*109N 3.32 450*seventy three.five 4.fifty seven
one hundred eighty*72K .87 300*109W three.21 450*76 five.27
H180*seventy two .77 320*52.5 one.69 450*eighty one.5 5.24
190*60 .fifty nine 320*fifty four one.81 450*81N 5.19
a hundred ninety*sixty .59 B320*84 two.95 450*81W 5.02
one hundred ninety*seventy two .seventy two B320*86 two.99 450*83.five five.forty seven
two hundred*seventy two .eighty four B320*86SB 2.99 450*eighty three.5Y 5.sixty seven
200*72K one.07 B320*86C three.01 450*84 4.22
230*forty eight .87 B320*86Z three.twelve B450*86 4.33
230*48K 1.06 B320*86CM 3.01 B450*86SB 4.3
230*seventy two 1.09 B320*86R 2.99 B450*86C 4.31
230*72K one.34 T320*86 3.22 B450*86Z 4.51
230*96 one.77 T320*86MB three.three B450*86CM 4.37
230*one zero one one.ninety two T320*86SB three.27 B450*86R 4.three
250*47 one.eleven T320*86C 3.25 450*90 four.07
250*48.five one.13 T320*86Z three.fifty three KU450*ninety 3.9
250*52.five 1.04 320*ninety two.eighty five 450*110 6.nine
250*fifty two.5K one.31 320*one hundred two.sixty seven T450*100MB five.three
250*72 1.seventeen 320*100W three.01 T450*a hundred five.09
B250*seventy two one.03 320*106 3.63 T450*100SB five.16
250*96 two.21 350*fifty two.five 1.eighty five T450*100C five.2
250*109 2.39 350*fifty four.5 2.31 T450*100Z five.fifty five
260*55.five 1.forty eight 350*56 2.05 450*163 ten.47
260*96 1.91 350*seventy five.five three.fifty eight 485*92W 7.62
260*109 2.16 350*ninety 1.eighty five 500*71 seven.5
280*72 1.forty three 350*100 3.sixty nine five hundred*ninety five.38
280*106 three.05 350*108 three.92 500*ninety two seven.eighty one
300*fifty two.5KB one.sixty seven 350*109 four.12 500*92W 8.6
three hundred*fifty two.5KW 1.71 370*107 4.sixty eight five hundred*one hundred 6.34
three hundred*fifty two.5N one.44 400*seventy two.5KB three.44 500*146 nine.97
300*52.5W 1.fifty six 400*seventy two.5KW three.72 600*one hundred eight.3
JD300*fifty two.5N one.fifty four four hundred*seventy two.5N 3.48 600*a hundred twenty five 10.39
K300*fifty two.five 1.72 400*72.5W 3.eighty five 650*a hundred and ten 13.34
KB300*52.5N one.fifty five 400*72.5Y 3.62 650*one hundred twenty 13.75
three hundred*fifty three one.eighty one four hundred*seventy four three.4 650*a hundred twenty five 15.8
300*55 one.88 400*seventy five.five 4.09 seven hundred*a hundred 10.9
300*fifty five.five one.95 four hundred*86 four.fourteen 700*a hundred twenty five 14.29
300*seventy one 3.31 400*90 two.22 750*a hundred and fifty 21.34
three hundred*seventy two 1.77 four hundred*107 four.95 800*one hundred twenty five 19.fourteen
    four hundred*142 7.12 K800*a hundred and fifty 21.fifty five
ASV Observe       M800*one hundred fifty twenty.05
280*102*37 one.36 PAVER Monitor   900*150 31.23
380*102*forty two 1.nine 356*152.four*forty six 4.eighty one one thousand*150 33.three
460*102*fifty one two.41 483*152.4*52 6.07    
460*102*fifty six 2.49 460*225*36 7.79 Special Monitor  
460*102C*51 2.forty four     one hundred sixty*87.sixty three*28 .forty one
510*102*51 two.six     240*87.63*28 .fifty one

Rubber Tracks 300*84yc*34 for Agricultural Rice Cutting Machine