Sound Insulation Customized Melamine Wood Perforated Panel

Kingkus, as one particular of the top Chinese acoustic panel companies, we produce kingkus Seem-absorbing board primarily based our innovative content supply chain, like Polyester Fiber Acoustic Wall Panel, Picket Acoustic Panel, Fabric Wrapped Panel, Wooden Wool Panel, Wooden Diffusers and Other Acoustic Furnitures. These goods are for interior and exterior environments that attributes classic and elegant concepts. 

CZPT Information

Product Perforated wood panel
Specification Hole 3/six/9 mm, Centre to Middle 16mm 
Thickness 12mm/15mm/18mm
Floor Melamine / Picket Veneer with Varnish/ Portray/HPL
Co Material E0 MDF/B1 MDF/Magnesium composited /NF CZPT
Back again Soundtex acoustic felt
Set up Aluminum keel and clips, wooden body, gun nail
Take a look at Eco protction, seem absorption, flame retardant

Our Kingkus Perforated Picket Panels

Perforated Picket Panels Assignments


There are various kind of large dimension panels to be utilized on walls and not practicable ongoing roofs, and standarized roof plates in versions of noticeable profiling, semi-hidden, hidden and practicable hidden.


Wall lining

Panel plates are often used on mesures 2440*133mm,2440*197mm(2400×1200, 2400x600mm for Perforated wood panel). with 15mm,16mm,18mm of thickness.



it is a lot more usual to use 15mm thick plates on standardized steps 1200*133mm,1200*197mm(1200×600 and 600×600 for Perforated wood panel), though other combos are also possible.


Mounting Systems

The diverse plates are CZPT with distinct perimetral , based on the sort of sought after assembly.


Materials and finishes

The assistance substance is constantly MDF E0 and fiberboard wooden panels in normal or fireproof versions. Floor finishes can be uncooked, melamine,Veneer, varnished or lacquered. Other alternatives on ask for.

The plates may possibly include to the again and as an selection, an acoustic veil to enhance the audio absorbing attributes of the panel.

Cleaning and Servicing

Right after installation, the panels should be dealt with as any wonderful piece of household furniture would be treated. A closing cleaning with a soft cloth and any good furniture polish will boost and maintain the luster of the end. Panels may possibly be vacuumed with a non-marring, organic bristle head. Avoid employing a brief or challenging bristle cleaning head as harm might arise. Right after removing the dust, you ought to restore the woods attractiveness by wiping the panels with a good quality furniture polish this sort of as lemon oil.


Do not spray the polish straight on the panel. Alternatively, utilize the polish to a comfortable dust-totally free cloth and wipe the panels flippantly. At all fees, keep away from utilizing water or a moist fabric as this could have an effect on the stability of the veneer area. The intervals of cleansing will count on the circumstances of your building. Cleaning is suggested at least when a 12 months but may be dependent upon your constructing circumstances. Periodic maintenance will preserve the search and functionality of Kingkus wood acoustic panel for numerous years to come.

Model Specification NRC Open up Region
P316 P/M/V-P-three/eight-sixteen-sixteen .eighty five 3%
PL316 P/M/V-PL-3/8-sixteen-16 .eighty five three%
P616 P/M/V-P-six/6-16-16 .87 eleven%
PL616 P/M/V-PL-six/six-16-16 .87 eleven%
P916 P/M/V-P-9/9-sixteen-sixteen .ninety two twenty five%
PL916 P/M/V-PL-9/9-16-sixteen .ninety two 25%



Sound Insulation Customized Melamine Wood Perforated Panel